Training Case Studies

“My training with my clients is about the relationship. They are part of my extended family. But please don’t mistake, I will drop the hammer to get the job done.” – Mahmood

Came to Mahmood to be faster, leaner and increase his strength for hitting

Trained with Mahmood from 1996 to 2002

Where he started:
Age: 32(1996)
Weight: 195 lb
Body fat: 18%
Speed: 60 yards in 7.0 sec

After 16 weeks:
Weight: 220 lb
Body fat: 8%
Speed: 60 yards in 6.7 sec

Hitting: produced more runs for percentage than ever before
.335 life time batting average

Where is he now?:
Director of scouting for the Los Angeles Angels
Still in great shape

Came to Mahmood for weight loss and to get ready for knee replacement surgery

Trained with Mahmood from 2012 to present

Where she started:
Age :62
Weight: 180 lb
Body fat: 35%

After 18 weeks:
Weight.: 145lb
Body fat: 22%

Mahmood is happy to say Helen is not only healthy, but her doctor concluded that she no longer needs knee replacement surgery because she is in great shape

Where is she now?:
Helen is very active and still training with Mahmood

Came to Mahmood to train for a basketball tournament in the 2004 Athens, Greece, Paraplegic Olympics

Trained with Mahmood from January 2004 to August 2004

Where she started:
Age: 25
Weight: 170 lb
Body fat: 26%

After 16 weeks:
Weight: 145 lb
Body fat: 14%

Won the gold medal in the 2004 Olympic basketball tournament

Where is she now?:
Radio Personality
Still training hard

Came to Mahmood to gain weight and train for baseball in high school

Trained with Mahmood from March 2007 to Present

Where he started:
Age: 15
Weight: 117 lb
Height: 5’8”
Body fat: 5%

Within a year:
Weight: 132 lb
Height: 5’11”

Was a starting player his first year at Bishop Moore High School. He won the state championship the year after.
Continued training throughout high school
Accepted a Scholarship from the University of Tampa
Got drafted to the Baltimore Orioles after 2 years at UT

Where is he now?:
Working his way up to the major leagues and training with Mahmood in the off season
Weight: 185 lb
Height: 6’2”
Body fat: 6%

Came to Mahmood for training in hopes of playing college basketball

Trained with Mahmood from September 2015 to January 2016

Where he started:
Age :21
Weight: 260 lb
Height: 6’6”
Body fat: 24%

After 5 months:
Weight.: 215lb
Body fat: 11%

Increased vertical leap from 22” to 30”
Gained great speed and agility

Where is he now?:
Was unsure he had any chance of playing basketball in college but after training with Mahmood, he received a full scholarship to Tennessee Wesleyan College.