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Know before you go: college-sponsored sports camps

There are different schools of thought on the subject of sports camps and recruiting clinics. Some believe they are a waste of money because “if your child is good enough, they will get noticed” and others believe they are essential. I think the truth lies somewhere in between. First of all, camps, clinics and showcases […]

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

An ongoing controversy in college athletics: should student athletes get paid while they’re representing their school on the field? The NCAA was born of several meetings in 1905. These meetings were called by President Teddy Roosevelt to encourage reforms that would protect student-athletes, namely football players, from some very severe practice methods that led to […]

Athletic Scholarships: Junior College is NOT a Last Resort

Each year, more than 7.5 million American high school students participating in school athletic programs hope to earn an NCAA athletic scholarship, and while about 7 percent of them will go on to play that sport in college, less than 2 percent of them will be awarded athletic scholarships. There are about 138,000 athletic scholarships […]