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Encourage your young athlete, the right way

Who will be the next Venus Williams, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods or Mia Hamm? Many parents believe it will be their child, if they just get them started in their sport early, get the best trainer, the right coach and the best equipment. While it’s true that parents are an integral part in the process […]

What is high altitude training?

Hypoxia is defined as an inefficient oxygen supply in the blood. When the human body is exposed to hypoxic environments, such as high altitudes, it struggles to produce the amounts of energy required to function. Many athletes choose to live and/or train at high altitudes because the state of hypoxia deprives the body of oxygen, […]

The benefits of sport-specific training

Athletes of all types rely on strength and agility in specific areas of their body in order to excel in their sport and perform at their optimum level. Sport-specific training programs are carefully crafted to focus on conditioning the body and mind to excel through the unique demands for endurance, speed, agility, balance and recovery […]